Give your home, garden, or business a truly one of a kind design feature: custom, high quality metal planters or planter boxes from Baldwin Metals.

Our unique fabrication capabilities and talented craftsmen lets you choose from one of our elegant pre-designed planters or create a design unique to you.

Our pre-designed planter boxes are manufactured from high quality 1/8” materials, since quality is important to us. We prefer to keep the metal robust to enhance appearance and make them long-lasting, as opposed to using a thin gauge material to cut costs. You can choose to have your planters built from modern stainless steel, industrial hot rolled steel (raw steel), or Corten ‘Weathering Steel’ (if you are looking for that rich redish orange patina). We have a range of sizes and designs available to choose from; if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we are also able to modify an existing design.

Custom planter boxes can be built to your exact specifications in size, design, and material selection. Some of our largest planter boxes have spanned over thirty feet in length! You can provide our design team with a drawing of your concept - including dimensions and choice of material - and we can provide you with a quote to bring to reality. While 1/8” is the most popular thickness, any thickness is available for a custom designed planter. And if you are not sure about dimensions or material, but want something unique, we are always here to help you find a way.

To place an order or submit a custom design please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 214-747-6722.

custom metal planter box dallas 7These custom metal planter boxes of varying heights and lengths give plants a tiered affect.

custom metal planter box dallasThese custom high quality steel planter boxes were specifically designed by our client to stand three feet tall with a two foot by two foot opening at the top to fit perfectly on their patio and large enough for young trees.

custom metal planter box dallasOur unique manufacturing capabilities mean we can build custom metal planter boxes to your design for both residential or commercial application. For custom metal planters like this one you can choose the design, size, metal thickness and material - such as stainless steel, corten or hot rolled steel.
custom metal planter boxCustom metal planter boxes in combinations of different sizes add depth to this landscape.

custom metal planter boxThese classic metal planters are full of soil at our clients home and ready for planting marigold trees!

custom metal planter box dallasAll of our custom metal planters and planter boxes are built in Dallas Texas, by Texans, to the highest quality standards.
custom metal planter box dallas aThe "Blume" planter is tapered and is shown in two sizes here, the two 22" tall planter boxes and taller 28" planter box. Mixing same style but different size custom metal planter boxes add interest to planter arrangements.

custom metal planter box dallas bThe "Blume" planter is tapered and is shown in the taller 28" planter box size.

custom metal planter box dallas 3One of our most popular pre-designed planter boxes, the ‘Blume’ style, opens as it rises and can be manufactured from hot rolled steel, stainless steel or corten and looks outstanding in both residential or commercial application.

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Thank you for your interest in working with Baldwin Metals, we are delighted to be a part of your project. Please contact us by phone or email for a quote and lets get started on your project. In order to expedite the quoting process please have a drawing available for our estimators, engineering drawings such as .dxf or .dwg files are ideal but a .pdf works as well and a drawing on a napkin can suffice as well! Once we understand the details of your project we will provide you a quote as quickly as possible. To speak with a member of our estimating team please call us at 214.747.6722 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can get your project moving!