Monday, February 08, 2016
  • The Game Changing Metal-Fabrication Company

    At Baldwin Metals we are experts in the world of metal fabrication. Everyday we work with pioneers, visionaries, engineers and creators to produce everything from the simple to elaborate, small to expansive. This has given us the capabilities, know-how and courage to take on projects and efficiently deliver solutions beyond our clients expectations in a range of industries.
  • Can It Be Done? Definitely.

    At Baldwin Metals we are excited by new challenges whether the project is especially large, complicated or demands a major manufacturing effort. We embrace new ideas and production methods to overcome obstacles and exceed our clients expectations.
  • Taking Everything Back To The Drawing Board.

    After decades of successfully bringing our clients projects to life, our jobs always start at the drawing board. A design whether it is a computer generated CAD model or a simple hand sketch gives our production team the information to understand your requirements to ensure the finished product is precisely what you need.
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